Family Child Care

Looking for Child Care?

Are you a parent/guardian looking for child care?

Our Referral/Subsidy Consultants can do a detailed search for you to find child care. The search is based on your child's age, the area of the Capital Region where you want child care to be, your work or school schedule, and the type of care you prefer.

Why does the CCRR not have a general list of child care settings that I can use?

We appreciate providing a tailor-made referral for you and your family. If you would like a complete list of licensed child care facilities, kindly contact the Community Care Facilities Licensing at:
250-519-3401. Please note that you will need to know what kind of care you want for your child in order to use the list.

Please fill out our child care referral form. You should be hearing from us within 2 business days.

Not sure what type of care you are looking for?

Victoria Child Care Resource and Referral offers the following services to families:

  • referrals* to licensed and registered license-not-required child care providers. These referrals can be made in person at our office or can be emailed to you.
  • information about and assistance with child care subsidy**
  • phone consultations with early childhood professionals
  • internet access to child care-related websites
  • information about community resources

Information of Interest to You in Your Search for Child Care

 * Please note: In the best interest of families, no recommendations or endorsements of individual child care facilities or programs are made. The responsibility for selecting child care rests with families who, when well-informed, are best able to select and evaluate services that meet their needs. View full disclaimer

 ** We do not approve your child care subsidy application. We assist you to compile all of the documents and information so that it is as concise as possible before it is sent to the Ministry.